In recent times, we have discovered that being successful is everyone's aim but it's quite unfortunate  that so many routes leads to it. Now discerning the right route to success is not difficult but the world today makes it look like it's a big deal to being successful. My own success is seeing people discover… Continue reading SUCCESS


Toxicity of Hypocrisy 

Let’s face it people these creatures are ubiquitous. Yes I am talking about hypocrites. An acquaintance turns you down for a charitable donation in a private request, but lectures anyone who will listen about the importance of the cause. Your in-law, who claims that she’s too busy to help out with a family gathering, seems… Continue reading Toxicity of Hypocrisy 



YOU NEED TO KEEP TRYING, IT WORKS. Success is definitely not the opposite of failure. It is rather the result of too many failures after several attempts. As it is always noted, people who have succeeded have too many failure stories to tell. There are many successful people who did not look at their circumstances… Continue reading NEVER GIVE UP